Paseo De Roces

Chino Roces Ave. Makati City

Now you can live the life you've always wanted, control the pace of your days and create the world you would like your loved ones to live in.

Paseo de Roces

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Chino Roces Ave. Makati City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 25.5 sqm. to 62 sqm
Price Range: Php 2.3M to Php 6.5M


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Paseo de Roces By Federal Land

Situated closer to the Central Business District of Makati, Federal Land, Inc.’s (FLI) Paseo de Roces is full of astounding revelations in life that you never dream exists. This new gem of a residence is Makati’s latest craze in condo living and slowly becoming an icon in the city’s Skyline. Living within your corporate world will bring more relax nights, more fun and excitement that may prolong life towards a more healthy one. Savor the goodness of Paseo de Roces, a high-rise residential development consisting of 2 elegant buildings (the Salcedo and Legazpi Towers) rising above the clear skies of Makati. The towers are comprised of 7 floors committed to parking and retail while 22 floors (for Legazpi) and 27 floors (for Salcedo) are dedicated for residential units. There are 416 units offered by Legazpi and 516 units for Salcedo.

Be mesmerized of the Paseo de Roces’ introduction of My HOBS concept (Home-Office-Business-Shopping) all under one roof, a new formula creating the best in every individual or family wanting to have the most out of living in an urban center like Makati. The project is located along Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, the newly emerging sophisticated address in this part of the city. The saleable residential area for Legazpi tower is 12,650sqm while for Salcedo is 15,525sqm. These enormous towers offer not only the finest amenities ever conceived in a residential development but also the best unit layouts that are ideal for starting families and young individuals pursuing professional careers within the city center.

At the Paseo de Roces, units offered come in Studio, available in sizes ranging from 25.5 to 28sqm of floor area; 1-BR units have sizes ranging from 37 to 44.5sqm while all 2-BR units have uniformed size of 62sqm of floor area. The choices are diverse where Studio units have choice of HOBS or purely residential suites as well as the 1-BR unit. HOBS units have provisions of office desk, file cabinets, chairs and space to conduct their business instead of the usual living and dining spaces. But there is provision for a small kitchen and has 1T&B. Possibilities here are truly enormous, its accessibility to all of life’s basic necessities is addressed by the presence of several exclusive and public schools, churches, shopping centers, workplaces, cinemas, restaurants and other important places.

Paseo de Roces – Introducing “My HOBS” concept

Arranged nearer to the Central Business District of Makati, Federal Land, Inc.'s Paseo de Roces is brimming with astonishing disclosures in life that you never dream exists. This new diamond of a habitation is Makati's most recent rage in condominium living and gradually turning into a symbol in the city's horizon. Living inside your corporate world will bring more unwind evenings, more fun and fervors that may drag out life towards a more solid one.

Appreciate the decency of Paseo de Roces, a skyscraper private improvement including two fine structures (the Salcedo and Legaspi Towers) transcending the reasonable skies of Makati. The towers are included seven stories focused on stopping and retail while 22 stories (for Legaspi) and 27 stories (for Salcedo) are devoted for private units. There are 416 units offered by Legaspi and 516 units for Salcedo.

My HOBS-Concept

The private company part is developing, and along these lines, an ever-increasing number of individuals are presently choosing a homestead could likewise bend over as their work put. All things considered, being near the workplace and working for yourself are quite recently a portion of the real attractions of a home-office or an endeavor keep running at home.

Given this idea, driving property designer, Federal Land along these lines presented another idea in apartment suite living that offers a more inventive and moderate method for owning a home and an office, all in the meantime. Called "my HOBS," which is short for my home, office, business and shopping, is a home-office development being presented interestingly at Federal Land's single skyscraper Paseo de Roces in Makati.

Be hypnotized of the Paseo de Roces' presentation of My HOBS-idea (Home-Office-Business-Shopping) all under one rooftop, another recipe making the best for each or family needing to have the most out of living in an urban focus like Makati.

My HOBS units at The Paseo de Roces can be changed over into an office, business or shop. Experts can begin their own particular business here by utilizing it as a law office, a photography studio, an instructional exercise classroom or a dental center, for instance. My HOBS can likewise be a space for a business person's new company, for example, a blossom shop or a little garments store.

Advance, a homebuyer can gain two adjoining units, one filling in as office and alternate as home. The proprietor can maintain a business or practice a calling at the solace of his/her home.

World-class Amenities 

Paseo de Roces offers cutting-edge conveniences that suit the requirements of the young and upwardly portable inhabitants. It has the energizing recreational offices particularly intended for urban couples or youthful experts.

This venture is additionally spruced up with the finest way of life changing courtesies you may discover excessively enticing, making it impossible to overlook even how bustling you are of a function. These unwinding and action improving comforts will most likely let your veins unclogged for an exceptionally alleviating feel. Investigate the site's huge swimming pool, kiddie pool, youngsters' play range, wellness exercise center, finished stops and garden, pool deck, club house, diversion live with billiard table, childcare focus, meeting room, business focus, work room thus significantly more.

Unit Features

The saleable neighborhood for Legaspi Tower is 12,650sqm while for Salcedo is 15,525sqm. These massive towers offer not just the finest luxuries at any point imagined in a private improvement additionally the best unit designs that are perfect for beginning families and young people seeking after expert professions inside the downtown area.

At the Paseo de Roces, units offered to come in Studio, accessible in sizes going from 25.5 to 28sqm of floor territory; 1-BR units have sizes going from 37 to 44.5sqm while every one of the 2-BR units has the formally dressed size of 62sqm of floor range.

The decisions are different where Studio units have options of HOBS or simply private suites and the 1-BR units. HOBS units have arrangements for office work area, file organizers, seats, and space to lead their business rather than the standard living and eating areas. In any case, there is an arrangement for a little kitchen and has 1 T&B. Potential outcomes here are genuinely colossal.

Accessibility to basic necessities

Situated along Don Chino Roces in Makati City, Paseo de Roces makes a living in the city tranquil and energizing. Its closeness to significant lanes, for example, Ayala Avenue, Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay Road and South Super Highway gives it incredible renting possibilities, in this manner making Paseo de Roces an exciting venture.

Schools close to the site incorporate Gen. Pio Del Pilar grade school, The Bridge, Centro Escobar University and Microcadd Institute Makati among others. Shopping centers nearer include Kyoto Stop, Little Tokyo, Dela Rosa Square and Yamazaki, just to say a couple. Doctor's facilities adjacent is Aventus, Comprehensive Pulmonary Clinic and Barangay BelAir Health Office among others.

This is tended to by the nearness of a few state funded schools, chapels, strip malls, working environments, silver screens, eateries and other critical spots.

Flexible Payment Options

Paseo de Roces offers one of the friendliest terms in payment. A side from paying spot money, since the installment of 100% spot payment will come about out a 15% discount against the aggregate contract cost, or the deferred financing for lower monthly amortizations, there are still viable options conducive to your financial capability. You will be shocked that it is so natural to have your fantasy home a reality.

Construction Updates

The following is the construction updates as of March 2017: ongoing painting work and rectication at the 4 elevations including Podium; final application of painting works at interior 29th floor; ongoing tiles installations at 28-29th floor Utility T&B and CTB; ongoing installation of baseboard at 25-29th floor; ongoing fit out works for the residential lobby and amenities; ongoing drop wall at commercial area upper ground floor; ongoing hauling of soil for roof deck landscaping works; ongoing punch listing of residential units as well as installation of wooden door at residential units.

For the individuals who need to invest as of now, please make a special effort to be guided of your preferred improvements units. Presently you can carry on with the life you've needed, control the pace of your days and make the world you might want your friends and family to live in.

Federal Land, Paseo de Roces, Condo for Sale in Makati City, Philippines. For price list, model house, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. If you're looking to find Federal Land, Paseo de Roces for Sale, then check here first. We have full details of Federal Land, Paseo de Roces for Sale updated regularly. Everything you need to know about Federal Land, Paseo de Roces Condo buying process, broken down into stages. Includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price.

Paseo de Roces - Location & Vicinity

Located along Don Chino Roces in Makati City, Paseo de Roces makes living in the city stress-free and exciting.

Paseo de Roces' close proximity to major thoroughfares such as Ayala Avenue, Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay Road and South Super Highway gives it superb leasing potentials, thereby making Paseo de Roces a truly great investment.

Restaurant :

  • Makati Chef Garden Restaurant - 0.11 km
  • Jyukai Japanese Restaurant - 0.11 km
  • Jobsite Grill - 0.19 km
  • Miyabi - 0.21 km
  • Saga - 0.21 km

Malls :

  • Cyotto Stop - 0.29 km
  • Little Tokyo - 0.29 km
  • Dela Rosa Square - 0.29 km
  • Legazpi sunday market - 0.30 km
  • Yamazaki - 0.31 km

Schools :

  • Gen. Pio del Pilar Elementary School 1 - 0.23 km
  • Microcadd Institute Makati - 0.29 km
  • Makati Medical Center College - 0.30 km
  • The Bridge - 0.44 km
  • Centro Escolar University - 0.51 km

Hospitals :

  • Aventus - 0.20 km
  • Makati Medical Center - 0.36 km
  • Supercare Medical Services Incorporated Makati Branch - 0.75 km
  • Comprehensive Pulmonary Clinic - 0.84 km
  • Barangay BelAir Health Office - 1.10 km
Paseo de Roces Location

Paseo de Roces - Photo Gallery

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Daycare Center

Daycare Center





Landscape Garden

Landscape Garden

Studio Unit

Studio Unit

Studio Unit

Studio Unit

Studio Unit

Studio Unit

Paseo de Roces - Features & Amenities

Paseo de Roces offers state-of-the-art amenities that suit the needs of the young and upwardly mobile residents. It has the exciting recreational facilities especially designed for urban couples or young entrepreneurs.

  • Adult/ Kiddie Swimming pool
  • Multi-purpose Function room
  • Fitness Center
  • Outdoor Fitness Station
  • Day Care
  • Reflecting Pond
  • Kid's Center
  • Outdoor Children's play area
  • Meditation Garden
  • Conference Room
  • Reflexology Walk
  • Business Centre
  • Open Gazebo / Cabana
  • Game Room / Ipad Room
  • Jogging Path
  • Landscaped Garden Area/View garden deck at podium

Paseo de Roces - Price List

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 3,630,000 25.50 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 4,860,000 37 sqm

Paseo de Roces - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
100% Spot Cash payable in 30 days with 15% discount
Option 2: 50-50 Scheme
50% Spot Downpayment payable in 30 days with 7.5%
50% Remaining Balance payable in 42 months
Option 3: 30-70 Scheme
30% Spot Downpayment Payble in 30 days with 13% discount
70% Remaining Balance thru Bank Financing
Option 4: 10-80 Scheme
10% Downpayment payable in 3 months with 10% discount
90% Remaining Balance thru thru bank financing
Option 5: 10-12-78
10% Spot downpayment payable in 30 days with 2% Discount
12% Downpayment payable in 42 months
78% Remaining Balance thru Bank Financing

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Why You Should Invest In  Paseo de Roces

World-class amenities

Paseo de Roces is dressed-up with the finest lifestyle changing amenities you may find too tempting to ignore even how busy you are from work. These relaxing and activity enhancing amenities will surely let your veins unclogged for a very soothing feel, discover the site’s enormous swimming pool, kiddie pool, children’s play area, fitness gym, landscaped parks and garden, pool deck, clubhouse, game room with billiard table, day care center, conference room, business center, function room and so much more.

Construction updates

As of the 4th quarter of 2015, the following had been accomplished for the Legazpi Tower:

  • Amenity areas received water-proofing and finishing works.
  • Concrete Hollow Blocks wall partition has already been reached 18th floor, plastering is already at the 12th floor.
  • On going paintings and installation of tiles on model units.
  • Finishing of masonry at Podium area from lower ground to 5th floor.
  • Coating of primer paints on wall and ceiling.
  • Structural concreting completed at the 26th floor.
  • Ceiling frames completed installation on the 7th floor up to the 8th floor.

For those who want to invest at this moment, please be guided of the developments of your choice unit.

Flexible payment terms

Paseo de Roces offers one of the friendliest terms in payment. Aside from spot cash payment which may give you up to 15% discount off the TCP (total contract price) or the deferred financing for lower monthly amortizations ,there are still viable options conducive to your financial capability. Contact this real estate broker for more comprehensive details about financing.

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